Words of Wisdom

As I continue on my own path of learning, growing and getting to know myself, I  find myself drawn to quotes – wise words – creative wisdom from anothers experience. So I decided to share some of these amazing words of wisdom with you with my interpretation on them, what they mean to me and how the  impact they have had on me.

May the words you speak be as wise as the silence you break

I have heard this quote before and when I heard it again this past weekend at a meditation retreat, it really struck a cord with me. I have been meditating for over 6 years now with various forms and no matter which practice I am using, I always come to the same conclusions: Silence is wise.

1) We all have our own answers within us – we just need to get quiet to listen to be able to hear the answers.

2) We talk to much – the Ego doesn’t like silence and works to keep the mind and mouth busy with thoughts and words – distracting us and taking us far from ourselves and our silent connection with ourselves.

3) We all already know everything we  need to know – its within us and in silence we find this wisdom. We are all created equal and in the image of God, and this means to me that we all are already perfect and whole. Its our (collective)  beliefs that have taken us so far away from ourselves.

4) Because of this quote I am mindful of what I think and say. To break from the wisdom I have when I am with(in) myself, I want to make sure that what I need to say to another is wise, in love and not from Ego – not for the gain of seeking love, appreciation or approval from another because, this is Ego speaking and when I speak from Ego, I am not present and neither is my (inner) wisdom

5) So many of us are uncomfortable with silence and with being alone. I have over the years felt alone and needed ‘noise’ in my life to fill the silence. And now,  I enjoy silence and I love and appreciate this time with myself. I more I get to know myself, my TRUE SELF,  from this place of silence, I become the observer ‘of me’ and I can see from here who is showing up: My True Self or my Ego self.

6) My mantra last year was “what’s my motivation’ and I practiced watching who wanted to say what in every conversation with an individual, in a group, in a social setting and in business settings. Watching and asking for my motive allowed me to tune into myself, my mind and to really get to know myself – what and who was present. And by using this mantra, it did allow me to be present and it proved to be very interesting and  knowing: opening me up to me and to allow me to create more sacred relationships with others (from my perspective)

May the words that you speak be wiser than the silence you break

I can not give credit to anyone for this quote so will sign it as ‘unknown’

Injoy enjoy some silence!