Coach Cheryl

I use the title “Life Coach’ because that’s what most people search for on Google or when speaking or inquiring about connecting with someone who help them with whatever it is they are in need of. I, however prefer to call myself a Beliefologist . .  if there is such a word or title.  I have made it my life purpose to study beliefs – not just mine, but those of other individuals as well as within groups – cultural, spiritual, etc. It’s very fascinating to observe what ones believe. And how powerful what we believe grips us and pulls us away from what we want most in life: to be loved, to be happy, to be healthy and to have success and wealth. When we start to closely and deeply examine what we are believing, we start to see that we really don’t believe that at all and many times we get to learn how or why and even when we adopted that believe. Usually it’s a form of protection for not re-experiencing something we said was painful the first time. As a Beliefologist . . . or life coach, I help you uncover what it is you Really believe and look to re-work that within yourself.

I use the work, officially called ‘The Work’ developed by Byron Katie  as well as a few other tools including The Passion Test designed by Chris and Janet Attwood.

What I have come to notice and learn . . . and believe,  is that it is always, yes, always, what we are thinking that creates our pain and suffering. We build up stories of blame, shame, guilt, fear, anger and hurt to protect ourselves and it’s these ‘stories’ that we tell ourselves that cause our stress, that stop us, that take us out of our own game – from having what we really want. In discovering my own stories and looking at my beliefs, I have been able to unravel much stress and grief from my life. And the Passion Test has allowed me to live my life more in line with my passions. A life without (or at least reduced) stress and grief is a much nicer way to go through life. And when there is stress (and there always is) its the way its handled that makes the biggest difference. And in noticing this about myself, I have chosen to share these tool (and others) with you as you begin looking to live your more joy-filled life.  It is my purpose. passion and pleasure to be in service with you, to help you discover your beliefs and stories – the ones that aren’t in your  best interest, that aren’t serving you: to discover your happiness, purposeful, prosperous and abundant life that is right there . . .waiting for YOU.

My goal is to share all that I have learned and experienced in life to help you discover the happiness that is waiting for you.

Life is A Fine Balance – all meant to be enjoyed!

In joy Enjoy Your Life


I am a trained Life Coach (through Coaches Training Institute 2004), a Passion Test Facilitator (2007) and Facilitator of ‘The Work’ (Byron Katie – 2010) .  All my studies and interests combined with my own life experiences, has allowed me to develop my skills to work with you from a very unique perspective. I consider myself to be a student of the universe and shares my wisdom from a wealth of life lessons and experiences that can and will help anyone struggling with any issues from the mundane day-to-day to the more traumatic events that come your way.

Following my own spiritual path in finding the meaning of life, I have travelled far and wide and stayed close to home to learn about Life, Love, Happiness, Forgiveness, Joy, Prosperity etc . What IS life all about? and Why is it so darn hard sometimes? and How do we live happily ever after with all this ‘stuff’ going on around us and to us’?  Who would we all be without our stories, our stuff and our labels? The answers and journey is different for everyone but there are core lessons from the universe that once learned and applied can make your life flow.

I will guide you on discovering your answers and to get on your own path to  joy and fulfillment. Passionate to  help others find their passion for life, my dedicated goal is to support you in achieving  your life balance and getting well within your body, mind and spirit. My joy comes from seeing others find theirs. This is my purpose.

With thanks, joy and gratitude, I look forward to being of service to all who come this way


Much love



Cheryl Pauchuk

Beliefologist, Life Coach